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What is Multimedia?

Multimedia is the ability of conveying informations by the use of computer element such as [audio,video,graphichs,text and animation].
Multimedia can be anything and everything which you watch and listen to in form of text,photograph,audio,video and much more.

Uses of multimedia

In every industry whether hospitality,aviation,banking,insurance,science and technology etc,
multimedia is being used almost every field,either for publishing something or for some other purpose.
  • 1. Advertising

  • In the field of advertising,the multimedia plays a great and a vital role.As whatever it is whether print out as electronic advertisement.
  • 2. Education

  • In the area of education also,the multimedia has a great importance.Talking particularly about the schools,the usage of multimedia is very important for children also.
    It is extensively used in the field of education and training.
    As an education aid the PC contains a high-quality display with mic option.
    This all has promoted the development of a wide range of computer based training.

    Multimedia cut across many other fields such as:

  • Gaming Industry

  • Science and Technology etc.

  • After completion a professional multimedia course,one can opt for different gratifying professions such as:

  • Graphics Designer

  • Layout Artist

  • Image Editor

  • Template Artist

  • Interference Designer

  • Web Designer

  • Web Developer

  • Audio/Video Editor

  • Game Designer

  • 3D Animator and Presentation Artist,in the multimedia industry.

  • And also a professional multimedia technologist as an individual with a creative mind and ability should/would
    be able to handle computer applications like:

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • CorelDraw

  • InDesign

  • AutoCAD

  • 3Ds MAX

  • Adobe Premier Pro etc.

  • MMT211 Project (video production)

    Click on the names below to view the videos

    1. Perseverance

    2. Never too Late

    3. Twisted Love

    Aim & Objectives of the Course:

    Primary aim of Multimedia Education :
    The informative society means society well educated, and prepared to practically use of many information, and outright their congestion. Two basic problems of the multimedia education are mentioned below: x preparation to the specific receipt of the varied media x preparation for effective usage of media as tools of the intellectual, professional and social development. Described media education deserves to be treated as the unit of general education.
    The aim of such education is the preparation of active, creative, and also critical receipt of medial recourses and also use this media as the tools of the communication, learning, winning, accumulating and processing of information.

    Uses of Multimedia in different fields,
    Multimedia finds its application in various areas including, but not limited to:
  • Advertisements

  • Art

  • Education

  • Entertainment

  • Engineering

  • Medicine

  • Mathematics

  • Business

  • Scientific research.

    Orientation of student…
    This course introduces multimedia technologies. We will address how to efficiently represent multimedia data, including video, image, and audio. In the coding aspect, state-of-the-art compression technologies will be presented. Emphasis will be given to a number of standards, including H.26x, MPEG, and JPEG. In the networking aspect, special considerations for sending multimedia over wireless, and IP networks, such as error resilience and quality of service, will be discussed. Real-time Transportation Protocol and its applications will be described. Current research results in multimedia technology will be reviewed.

    Nature of the course…
    Students train in the field should meet the following requirements:
    1.Master the coverage and professional direction in the field of electronics and communication engineering with solid basic theory and specialized knowledge of a system. Familiar with the information and communications technology present situation and the development trend of engineering fields. Master the advanced technology to solve the problem of engineering methods and modern technology.
    2.Ability to solve complex electronic and communication engineering technology and engineering management issues. Have engaged in information and communication engineering field of research and development, design and planning, operation and maintenance, management and sales, management and leadership one aspect or several aspects, such as the ability to work. As a foundation in the field of electronics and communication engineering, this course will illustrate the multimedia technology to solve the main problems and the basic thought and basic way to solve the problem, at the same time to the introduction of the latest progress of the multimedia technology, which enables students to accurately understand the development of multimedia technology, the present situation and the development direction. Encourage students to grasp the characteristics of multimedia data and the representation method of time domain constraints, be familiar with the demand and the implement methods of the multimedia data real-time communication and the preliminary master network QoS mechanism of objectives, design principles and typical project. Furthermore, students would understand the composition of network multimedia system and related protocol architecture, and then with the further engaged in related research or the basis of engineering practice and skills.


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